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  1. I wont be dealing with there account and password they will input it into the program and the program will use it from there.
  2. @TRiLeZ @Todd @Usa @FallenShadow @J M C @Mat @Montreal @Mute @The Black Tux @YoHoJo
  3. What on earth happened here! What a funny community! Yes, I meant terms of Tribot not that I would get arrested for bumping a tribot thread.. And maybe loose my penis in the process? Yeah I have sorted the cloudflare thing.
  4. It will use the bump button and not break ant of Tribots current rules.
  5. Hi, I'm new to these forums I am currently creating an auto bumping bot for all the major RS related sites and I believe that TriBot is one of the more major sites relating. I am wondering if I can get an admin or moderator response to weather this would be legal. The bot will only use the bump button you have in place. Thanks for your time, RSGP Easy
  6. Hey I am new to tri bot but have used other bots in the past. Look forward to using it.
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