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  1. Hi Team, Was a 3+ year tribot user and was last botting back in early 2017, so not asking to be spoon fed, just need bit of help. Ive just had my 3 fresh P2P accounts banned in 48 hours. im guessing due to the suspected account creation date/hours played heuristic they most likely use, from experience. All accounts were ran on 3 seperate proxies, CB level 70ish, mixed stats, 40 Questpoints, so seemed legit. I was wondering how long should i be considering a "rest" period for ? with light 1-3 hour botting and a few quests, to pass the first hump to get my suicide account to the 1-2 week mark. Also if i buy Tut island completed accounts from your experience do i have to consider a "rest period", as the accounts are usually few days old. I have 3 other accounts on 3 different proxies and ive botted there first 24 hours so i guess they are going to see there impending doom Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  2. would you share what you botted to achieve max melee?
  3. im not old username i made ingame for a cc claiming to be him and tryed scamming ingame lol so just made it my forum name
  4. what script do you use to train your cb on chickens > cows then guards
  5. Yeah but the wc isnt what got me banned i believe, i was teying to train some cb to extend life of acckunt but it seems to alwayd backfire and cuase bans, i was thinking of going back to level 3 feltchers using spiker aio fletcher, last year i got a fresh level 3 to 97 fletching botting 24/7 i might give it a go
  6. I have been at tribot for idk lets just a say a long time i am on and off, never in history of my bots have i turned a profit, sometimes i do but very little and i gamble it thinking ill get more then bam all my accounts banned and no gp for bond and i dont wish to make another cash investment then i quit. So on friday this happned to me again i bought tribot vip-e, 3 proxys and 15m all for around $40+ I made 3 accounts on all three proxys and a mule on my home ip, i started the accounts at around 2am and started them at cows with the script cowhidekiller then traded them full black and black scim once got 10/10/10 cb stats, then went to bed. Woke up with 32/32/32 then trained some thieving,fishing, mining, cooking, fletching all to 8-25 in those stats and then i moved to camelot and used master chopper progressive mode then once at willows i used auto chopper aio mouse key dropping, and all were banned at around 52-57 wc I am trying to start a wcing farm This is fucking ridiculous that level 3 accounts with no stats non member can achieve 60 wc but i cant But i want these wcers to last atleast a few days so i thought training these other stats would increase there life. I think the problem may be cow hide killer which i beilieve has cause endless delayed bans on all my farms I have alot of premium scripts and wouldnt mind buying more if you have had success so please chime in Please could anyone at all help me maybe on skype or something, just some way of maybe turning over a profitable farm with some tips from you have learned I lost my job 3 days ago and i start a new one in 3 weeks but i wish just to earn like 50-100usd a week from a small farm Any help will be appreciated thank you
  7. yes i use same password for everything, but i just was curious how they got my new email adress
  8. Nar my Farm just got mass banned so that was my only account left unlucky me for that and this happening, atleast the thief didnt get the stuff though.
  9. You are correct i found this, I havnt used my comp in about 1-2 months and have quit RS for 4-5 months - really do you think i have a RAT?
  10. No They never ever accessed my email is my point, How did they reset my password w/o my email which makes me think it was my boy weath
  11. So i was playing some DMM mode had been botting last night and today and had been playing for around 15 minutes manually then was making another account to mule on, then i created the account and was opening a new tribot client to quickly run tut island on and get members on it by transferring the 2.7m i had on my current account then i get connection lost and cant log back in saying incorrect password like WTF i was freaking i was banned, so i promptly went onto Runescape website and tried logging in and it said incorrect login. So i requested to change the password ( note all of this was done in <5 minutes and note my account has not moved positions as i was in the G.E on OSRS. and all my gold and about 100 of each tele tab is gone, This was just my level 3 mule account. This account is 2 days old Fresh login never used before on any sites with fresh email Who couldve hacked my account? Do you think this is a move from Weath? And do scripts i have which are not in the repo anymore are they sure to be clean? I got no password reset emails prior? I LOST ONLY 2.7M AND 100 OF EACH TELE TAB LIKE WTF?!
  12. - 1 account per IP/Proxy i have found extends the life of accounts greatly - Wear what a normal player at your combat level of your bot might wear not to stand out, very easy way to avoid a shit tonne of reports - Diversify stats, as i do wc farms i train around 6 other stats from 5-35 - Quests seem to be a key thing also but i dont personally do them on throw aways as isnt worth my time but im not sure what your botting, but if its high reqs and a ban will hurt, I would do 1-3 quests atleast - The more you look and play like a normal player you will not be banned as you will not show any botting flags to jagex and the only way you could be banned is from alot of reports or a manual ban. But i guess we will never know for sure - DO NOT BOT TUT ISLAND! Just my opinion
  13. Yes i am aware of this but just am doing testing and just want to feel where the botting game is at. so was just wondering if it is ok to bot tut island again
  14. Still not working tried mulitple browsers ? :/
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