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  1. I was going to say the exact same thing. Now I am not sure how hard it would to implement that correctly, but it could increase potions/hour slightly and would no longer require it to constantly typing the numbers in and etc. I've used that method before and it is much less tedious, easier and also faster. It would be an awesome addition!
  2. Sounds awesome! That's what I had in mind. Just some extra camera movement or something and occasional stat checks, but other than that the script itself is awesome! I've been looking hard for a script that works well outside of PC bank!
  3. Awesome script! Any chance to add some sort of anti-ban?
  4. Okay I need some information. For some reason when I go to tribot.org, the page still appears as it was made by the hacker. How come?
  5. I read a few pages back that v2.0 is being worked on. Is that still being released?
  6. Got 2 within 5 hours. First one got it and still kept hopping. Other found one within 100 jumps. Awesome job man! If anyone is interested, Air Obelisk is a good spot, since it can spawn on top of the hill and sometimes next to the Abyss Mage Guy, so basically 2 spots in 1 area.
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