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  1. Just luck. I've gotten none since starting the script with 250+ kills. Anybody have recommendations to lower input costs while doing zulrah? I'm getting good gph rate on my account for it's level, but the input costs are drowning the profits dramatically.
  2. If anybody has experience in doing mage only, can you give me some input? 1) what are the pro's and cons of doing mage only during the actual fight? 2) what kind of profits can be expected with a setup like 90 mage / 70 def / 45 prayer using magic only? Gear setup: full ahrim's, malediction ward/mage's book, infinity boots, recoil, occult necklace, god cape, blessing, toxic trident.
  3. Thanks for the information. 1) If you don't level the accounts with a robot, how do you level them then? 2) Do you run any strategical methods to lower the input costs of accounts in case bans come before they have a chance to reach profit (i.e; weekend farming)? 3) Do you farm with with high value gear? 4) What are ban rates like in farming this script?
  4. I have just a couple of more questions: 1) An additional question - what method of traveling do you recommend? Are the zul-andra teleports more economical if sometimes dying and only killing zulrah once/trip? My other option is camelot teleports, but the bot bank at camelot bank which is kind of slow. 2) In reply to 45 defence accounts getting consistent 16 kills/hr - are they using void? Any idea what their range/mage levels are? @Jackthedon Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I noticed you have been running the script for a long time. 1) Do you bot your accounts? 2) What stats do you typically use per account? @ta ta ta 3) Do you use looking glass?
  5. Thank you for the prompt answers. It really means a lot. I have a few more questions if you might have the answers: 1) What is your opinion on hitpoints? @jackthedon
  6. Hello, I have a a few questions for anybody who wouldn't mind to answer them. 1) Is defence important when using this bot? I'm botting with a 40 defence account now (no void (mystic / d'hide switch)), but if need be, can raise to 70 defence to use ahrim's / karil's (?) & to get more efficient results. 2) Is there a considerable difference when using items like necklace of anguish, tormented bracelet, imbued heart, armadyl set, void? 3) I'm also using a low range / mage account (toxic blowpipe / toxic trident). What is the recommended levels to achieve 1.5-2m/hr? 4) Does anybody weekend bot solely and run hours (40-50 hours/weekend) with the expectation bans will come but transferring all items before bans come? 5) Does the profit tracker include items spent or solely items looted from the ground? 6) How important is your hitpoints level? Training magic can be done more efficiently and cheaper if not worrying about hitpoints. Is there a hitpoints level where going beyond this point is irrelevant to efficiency of botting? Kind Regards
  7. punker

    Botting through a VM

    TriBot should separate hardware links and game cache links, making a VM useless. Only reason to use a VM would be for VPN. It's not necessary for Socks5.
  8. It's IP based or cache based I think. I can't remember. Either way, sandbox cache (tribot probably does this or manipulates cache so players don't appear on same comp) or tunnel a new set under a diff. ip.
  9. Had a private quest script developed through Worthy a while ago. Haven't ever really used it since. Development was quick & price was adequate. He let me split scripts with a friend to make pricing lower which was a nice convenience.
  10. Literally anything you do in the game will be prevention of timer log out idling. Typing, camera movement, walking, clicking any menu, etc
  11. 20 is a low number though on a 4790k. Why can LoL no longer be botted? You're jumping on the bandwagon too late for RS imo. It's all about fighting bans now, not just pure profiting. Better to move onto a more lucrative diverse game like WoW.
  12. Hmm, there is no preset numbers available for it. Can you suggest specific method used to calculate them and store them for later calls? @AlphaDog
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