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  1. i want to use this script for 2 accounts, do i really need to pay 80$ for the 5 auth sub? or can i purchase 2x single auth sub?
  2. ah yeah it is my bad. can you make it wield ring of wealth before opening chests?
  3. script wasn't working 12 hours ago, and still isn't working? :/
  4. how much for 10m or 20m? you accept pp?
  5. how much per mill? might buy it all depending on your prices
  6. Can i buy the script straight from you seen as tribot for an odd reason has now banned my paypal (fraudulent payment) even tho ive already bought vip with that paypal... and how many hours per day would i be able to run the script for without owning vip? 4hours per day is it?
  7. do i need vip to use this script? or can i be a casual botter?
  8. how do i optimize this script to use it at wyverns??
  9. Hi im looking to buy a wyvern script, can anyone point me into the right direction, thanks.
  10. where did you get your proxy from?
  11. can you tell me where i can get a good proxy from? that will actually work with tribot?
  12. btw, why do you come onto a botting forum to bash on about people botting?
  13. ive already managed to get 92-96 str so far and 75-82 in both att and def
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