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  1. i want to use this script for 2 accounts, do i really need to pay 80$ for the 5 auth sub? or can i purchase 2x single auth sub?
  2. ah yeah it is my bad. can you make it wield ring of wealth before opening chests?
  3. script wasn't working 12 hours ago, and still isn't working? :/
  4. hmmm its not checked, ill try restarting my router later on and ill get back to you
  5. " Make sure the box only show local scripts in the options isn't ticked " where can i find this?
  6. i think so yes, tried restarting tribot and nothing :/
  7. just the tools are appearing https://gyazo.com/7c6cc20487eb92e908392264210e8e9c
  8. none of them just the tools??
  9. ive been using the zulrah helper script for a while, and today not of my scripts are showing up??? whats happened?
  10. how much for 10m or 20m? you accept pp?
  11. how much per mill? might buy it all depending on your prices
  12. I used Bitcoin to buy the credits, I used circle.com to do this. The payment has been sent on circle and I have not been refunded
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