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  1. Hi, Seems like an old version was uploaded by mistake. Should be fixed now!
  2. Updated the snippet to work with single item make interfaces (as they have no text options available).
  3. Hi, I remember having discussions about how there's no handler for make all interface by keyboard, so I thought I'll add this here. Since this is pretty much all dynamic (except the master interface), it shouldn't really break on minor graphical changes by jagex. To use this, you have to pass in the name that appears near the action in orange: In this case, you'd have to call MakeInterfaceutil.make("Oak longbow") public class MakeInterfaceUtil { public static RSInterface get() { return Interfaces.get(270); } public static boolean isOpen() {
  4. Pie's Ardy Cloak Does all steps needed to unlock Ardougne cloak 1 and completes the quests that are required for it! (Plague city, Biohazard, Rune mysteries). Will buy all the items needed off the GE if none of the quests have been started/completed and no progress has been made in the Ardougne diary. Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2919 Features: Does all steps required for easy Ardougne diary; Completes quests if needed for some of the steps; Buys item off the GE if account are fresh-ish; If you want the account to buy items for
  5. It would be as expensive as having the ESC option turned off, no? So if used improperly, accounts with ESC toggling get a performance boost but end up spamming ESC. While if used properly, the performance difference would be negligible, I think.
  6. TRiBot Version: 12.0.10 Description of the bug (be specific): Interfaces#closeAll seems to be ALWAYS clicking the ESC button if the option to close interfaces with ESC is turned on. public static void closeAll() { RSVarBit a; boolean var10002; if ((a = RSVarBit.get(4681)) != null && a.getValue() == 1) { int[] var21 = new int[1]; var10002 = true; var21[0] = 27; Keyboard.pressKeys(var21); } Using it as kind of a remedy to bot missclicks (I know I've done it in the past, and I doubt I'm reall
  7. Hi, TRiBot Version: 12.0.10 Description of the bug (be specific): In some cases, during questing especially, there are continue interfaces where the "Click here to continue" text is a component, not a child. Looking at the code of the getClickContinueInterface, it seems like it only traverses masters and their children, so the interface never gets caught. How to reproduce the bug: Didn't find a case where it's outside the quest, but I think the problem is quite obvious. Active Script (if applicable): Client Debug: Bot Debug: Screenshots:
  8. Pie's Rogues' Den Does Rogues' Den minigame quickly and effectivelly. Since it uses some of things that make the run REALLY efficient, the run MIGHT fail at times, although not often. If the fail rate is > 20% for you, let me know. Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2971 Features: Runs the minigame using some of the best methods available. Uses stamina pots and energy pots to do the runs as fast as possible. Opens loot crates. Stops script when all rogues' equipment is collected. Has a no stamina/energy potion mode. To turn it on, pass 'n
  9. Will release tomorrow probably Do you want it to just kill it, or also get all reqs/gear for it as well?
  10. Hey everyone, I just can't seem to run away from Tribot. Trying to get back to scripting/botting for the n'th time now, and I'd like some ideas for some scripts to write to warm myself up. So if you have any scripts in mind that you would like to see as free scripts, shoot the ideas here.
  11. Must be, will check it out later today.
  12. Could you PM me a video of it happening or something, or atleast the location.
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