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  1. Will release tomorrow probably Do you want it to just kill it, or also get all reqs/gear for it as well?
  2. Hey everyone, I just can't seem to run away from Tribot. Trying to get back to scripting/botting for the n'th time now, and I'd like some ideas for some scripts to write to warm myself up. So if you have any scripts in mind that you would like to see as free scripts, shoot the ideas here.
  3. Must be, will check it out later today.
  4. Could you PM me a video of it happening or something, or atleast the location.
  5. Or use runelite which is better than osb anyway
  6. @Memberino , @SlarkenTV fixed the issue
  7. Just look into settings available to you... By that I mean there's a specific number which provides you with what step into tutorial are you, and then you wouldn't have to do the outrageous text checks... E: Oh, you actually do use them. You could also use them and not have to check the text on interfaces to decide your next step.
  8. Even with 52/48 odds and 100M staked on both sides you profit ~3M each stake, with tax included. And that's kinda easy odds to get.
  9. I don't see a problem with getting stams, but I'll probably do handles for some parts of the maze and add the no stam option. Not gonna happen really soon tho.
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