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  1. This script is not updated, because i no longer bot runescape. If you want to use this script update ids yourself.
  2. Scripters have life too. 1.28v - IDs updated.
  3. Its so hard to download zip file...
  4. Thanks. 1.27v - Bank IDs updated
  5. I know, i forgot to uncomment writing code.
  6. My account got perma banned, so i cant update this script. I logged in on rs3 using rsbot5 and like 2h after i got this ban.
  7. Posting new booth IDs would be nice.
  8. Whats the exact location it gets stuck?
  9. 1.26v - Barbarian village IDs fixed and now uses booths instead of bankers
  10. When i have account that have access to shilo village.
  11. Fixing on next update barbarian village spot IDs and switching to booths.
  12. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13074-metafisher-aioflawlessfree/
  13. 1.25v - Edgeville fixed.
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