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  1. Do you guys use looking glass as an anti bot protection? If so how do you get it so it doesn’t crash after 1 minute of logging in rs?
  2. Looking glass freezes after 1 minute of logging into rs?
  3. Hi I haven't been able to set up looking glass as after a minute of being logged in on the rs account through looking glass the client freezes and stays that way. Please help? THanks
  4. oh ok. Can someone tell me exactly what I should do to be able to do it with 1 prayer? Like best stats and so on? Thanks
  5. ran 2 bots for 3-4 hours and they both got banned in one day ? they were pretty new though fingers crossed on my third guy
  6. does this script level up a certain stat then switch to another attack style/stat once the first one is complete? if not do any combat scripts do that? Thanks
  7. script was working at first now every time I run it it freezes the client and I have to force quit. Running it on a mac (also on a proxy idk if that matters) edit: got it to work by deleting my tribot folder. other question though, if I buy another "2 instance" authorization does that give me a total of 4 instances or just 60 days of 2 instances? Is there any way to upgrade? Thanks
  8. I couldn't find information for this anywhere, I got a proxy and I want to use it. Do I input and select the proxy at the tribot loader login screen and then also when opening the rs client or just one or the other? Thanks
  9. I can't load the client, only on looking glass mode. On advanced and regular I just get a black screen and in debug it says "starting client". osbudddy loads fine and so does looking glass. edit: also the bot freezes on 2 instances of looking glass and basically freezes on 1 instance on my mac desktop. Is that right? not enough processing power? Thanks
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