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  1. Hello @Naton It's very rare I post on threads for positive feedback, I use anonymously and appreciate stuff. I'd just like to say though - this is by far the best script I've used on Tribot, in my personal experience. Multiple accounts achieved 99s in all combat skills without any problems. Flawlessly runs day and night if I want it to. Just well done. Anybody thinking of buying this script - please do not hesitate Cheers, Eddy
  2. Hi @Optimus. Lootung writing now. Only issue i'm facing is when I try to alch a rune 2h for example, OSRS says it's valuable. The bot doesn't click 'are you sure' and alch it. May be because auto retaliate on can you confirm? Anything over a certain value will need the client to click continue then press option 1 which is alch.. Let me know
  3. I'm not ironman so it can't be that. Can we get a response on this please as my 2 week Auth ran out and I'd like to buy again but as it stands, it's extremely bot like leaving 400k of loot on the floor during a slayer task.
  4. Hi guys, i've been using this script on and off for ages, however, currently it seems as though there is an issue with the looting. I have just done a kurask task and I've set the bot to pick up anything over 5000gp worth. I've watched it see Rune Longswords and Leaf Bladed battle axes on the floor (70k value). I tried inputting the name of two items that frequently drop into the loot list, nature runes and coins, and left the bot to run yet it didn;t pick up any. Can you please advise?
  5. Eddyb

    Banking issue

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you have a banking issue at the moment. nFletcher will load up the bank, however, won't withdraw anything. However, if I manually withdraw yew logs and exit the bank interface it will fletch a full inventory. Is this a client issue do you guys know?
  6. Hi guys, When I click this, it doesn't find the correct client. How do I change the path?
  7. Hi guys, Got it all figured out now on how to load OSRS through the methods above. Another small snag. I selected the wrong program to load when you select the programe that should be OSBuddy client. How do I change the path the button directs to?
  8. That's it I think, I'm trying to hook to the OSBuddy.exe. I'll test now and feed back.
  9. Hi guys, Just come back to RS after a big break. Downloaded the new tribot that automatically assigns Java. I'm loading up OSbudy and then the tribot loader. When I click New Client (Looking Glass) it states "Looking for Runescape Client", "running updation process" Then it just goes blank the screen. Those are my settings. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.
  10. Eddyb

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Working lad. thank you for quick fix
  11. Eddyb

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    @Encoded Hi mate, please find below the debug. It sets zoom to fully zoomed out, rotates camera and then stops [19:57:42] java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1,000" [19:57:42] at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(NumberFormatException.java:65) [19:57:42] at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:580) [19:57:42] at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:615) [19:57:42] at scripts.tithefarm.d.x.a(MapTitheFarm.java:106) [19:57:42] at scripts.tithefarm.d.x.a(MapTitheFarm.java:60) [19:57:42] at scripts.api.script.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:79) [19:57:42] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [19:57:43] Script Ended: Auto Tithe Farm Pro.
  12. Eddyb

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Sorry. My apologies. Wil run and report shortly
  13. Eddyb

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    @Encoded hi mate, can you take a look at this?
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