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    Been botting for around 6 years and have played Runescape for 10 years. Third year engineering student. Due to time restrictions and up coming jobs I am aiming to be a support or even work my way to a moderator due to the lack of time I have for bot farming. have A levels in ICT and Programming.

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  1. getting a bunch of issues with this, this morning. if i want to use an axe the script wont start until i set it to use a pickaxe and the walking is having issues [11:22:47] Starting job: Job: Nature - ABYSS - EDGEVILLE - Amulet of glory(6) - 99 [11:22:47] XP Failsafe thread started [11:23:12] Cached interface at: [90, 59] [11:23:30] Obstacle not clickable after camera rotate, walking [11:23:32] Dax walk failed to obstacle [11:23:34] Obstacle not clickable after camera rotate, walking [11:23:35] Dax walk failed to obstacle [11:26:01] Obstacle not clickable after c
  2. Not a problem currently sorting dinner for the family so I might be a bit slow to reply (even on discord), this is a method i would really like, as, as I said I tested another script which offered it and it was fantastic, however the issue was it also did the same as your bot and traded all the items to the main. The bot is 2 years out of date so I was hoping I could speak to you. Happy to work on a deal for the extra effort either credits or gold as I respect I am asking for something that will make work and is niche to me. For me the amount of slaves wont be an issue im not going for
  3. I understand but for me i would prefer a slave to log out if it runs out of ess or cash. It is quite time consuming trading it back over to the slave it also creates a second trade which is not needed. As for the safe route are you saying the current one is safe ? as it goes between the village thing and teak trees where another bot i have used goes around the teak tree pen which to me seemed the safest route. Cheers, Power
  4. Would it be possible to make a mode where the bot only gives the pure ess over. I plan to purchase this and use say 20 slaves if i am trading the gp and the noted pure essence back each time it will be seriously annoying, could you also make it so there is an option for the bot to walk a safe route ? really appreciate the last reply thanks.
  5. Hey, I would really appreciate some help setting up the bots for nature slave and master, so currently I am testing it and the prinicible works however I have a few bugs / im doing some stuff wrong. I have the bot wearing a nature tiara, it has the pure ess and cash on it when it trades my master it tries to give everything to it ... Bit confused. Also worried the bot will die as i have no food on it but i wasnt sure how this works. Cheers in advance.
  6. Yes this can happen but I have not personally had it happen but have heard of it from friends and other users. Usually if you are not botting on your main but another account the legit account is not touched as in theory that account has done nothing wrong. Also it could be someone elses who uses the same ip as you example a family member like a sibling.
  7. Thats what I thought but I wanted to find out if they had been a lot stricter especially after yesterday and today updates.
  8. So this is a little odd but I was curious and I got thinking about it today. I haven't botted in a long time but I am now back. I have 5 accounts but I only play seriously on 2 the other 3 I have tried to sell but only sold 1 so far. So because of this I want to bot on them. I am past making money I have plenty but I want to achieve some things that I never have. Most of these are achieving 99's in certain stats or achievement diaries. Would love to bot a max account got so close before EOC. So skip the waffle my question is; A main account that has had 2 - 3 years creation time w
  9. Pkpower

    First ban

    not quite a shit tone for 6 hours but 8 yeah seems a bit high for a human
  10. Pkpower

    First ban

    how long did you bot for per day sounds like a shit tone from this " But the everyday ratio was around 3-5 hours of mining, 45 min - 1 hour of agility and then everything else."
  11. same ip for all of them ?
  12. Sorry to be a downer but i have 16gb ram and octo cpu and I can only run 4/5 lg clients it sucks tough choice lower profit but make accounts last longer or risk it all for faster cash. I am happy to share a bit more info in pm if you give me info its kind of how i share my knowledge. You new to botting or been around for a while ?
  13. I could help if you respond to my question; lg or normal and budget ?
  14. Also though it would be best to use the correct format. Well... your meant to helps people see and keep it in the normal order. link for guide;
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