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  1. Hey Assume thanks for the prompt replies, if you want me to love you forever is it possible to refine the setting up rules process, just maybe introduce a delay so it doesn't spaz out and click helm icon and then decline the duel? Maybe a setting at the script startup "always use load last duel" and a warning for noobs that don't properly set it up with the rules they want Anyways enough negative, I know you don't enjoy my constant nagging Here's some proggies I've actually paused the script at some stages to stake and have lost 60m accumulative, maybe I just won't touch it and enjoy the steady return instead of yoloing above the bots max stake amount
  2. Well I don't know how else to explain it. [10:14:07 AM] Stopping setting listener[10:14:07 AM] Stopping bet listener[10:13:42 AM] Putting up: 500,000[10:13:22 AM] CHALLENGING: [PU RP L E, att:76(1), str:90(7), hp:82(-7), def:65(-5), wp:51.8%][10:13:21 AM] GOOD CHALLENGE: [PU RP L E, att:76(1), str:90(7), hp:82(-7), def:65(-5), wp:51.8%]The bot will actually not even click whenever the above happens, status on the screen shows not staking, even though its in the arena, and its quite a common occurrence. its just the correlation, I've seen it repetitively enough to be confident to believe it has something to do with with the bot that will not click attack. And it won't even log if you lose or win. If you need an account or something, or need me to screenshot/record it I can
  3. I would really appreciate if you at least address the below [6:58:45 PM] Stopping setting listener[6:58:45 PM] Stopping bet listener[6:57:23 PM] Putting up: 1,441,467Just gives away a free hit as the bot forgets its in a duel, doesn't click just sits there if its too much of a hassle to fix I won't mention it again
  4. Saw the bot click accept on the second duel screen, other player waited 20 seconds before accepting, got into the duel and current bet was not staking, so I manually took over. Same time it messed up this was in the log, I've noticed this messing up the flow and efficiency of the script, is their a purpose for it? [11:47:01 AM] Stopping bet listener[11:47:01 AM] Stopping setting listenerAnd if possible remove the autotalker input every now and then, just enter in once and if possible have some sort of check that makes sure your still auto talker as I've noticed the bot taking priority on setting up the autotalker before a duel and it gives away first hit, or maybe it even thinks its not in a duel. Not sure on this one I'll have to baby sit a bit more Sorry for the complaints, script is making me gold, about 1.2m p/h with a small amount to start up with, could be higher if I set a higher max/min alsooooo Clicks load last duel Moves to helm icon, clicks it then moves down to decline stake rinse repeat 3 times until it doesn't do it and you finally get a stake Basically whenever stopping bet listener happens whether its first screen with rules/second or in the duel your guaranteed to give away first hit and your dont have auto ret on you won't hit back and if its before all this and you receive a good challenge it wont challenge them
  5. Too touch up on the above, also [7:38:01 PM] Stopping bet listenerAnd then I get a duel request and it ignores it, leaving people to not bother with me While I understand these are not major issues, declining people leads them to believe I'm not interested
  6. Incredibly bot like that it clicks helm icon on rules two times, assume are you aware of this?
  7. Decided to give the one hour trail a go before I purchased the script me 75 83 70 89 them 79 85 71 82 my odds are 50.9% is 7hp not really much of an advantage? keep in mind im whipping
  8. Lmfao I forgot to pause script through team viewer, was hoping worlds with 7k rune ore in invent then the bot client logged in me in and dropped them, then I couldn't log on it and by the the time I realised gg 80m
  9. Hey wussup I'm also waiting on the update, hugely appriecate your efforts and a timely delivery of the update !!
  10. On world selection screen it just doesn't choose a world for ages, this issue only arised after the recent tribot update
  11. Since this update my aminer script no longer hops worlds fluently anymore, should I post my issue somewhere else?
  12. Add looting laws, mithril bolts and add support for looting bag please
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