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  1. Added as well.. if you still need it.
  2. BUMP. Going to work, will be back in eight hours to sell them then. Add me on skype @kyle.michell
  3. Tried to add your skype, it was invalid?
  4. Think it's safe to sell the kebabs on zybez for 2 gp ea? Keep the prices high?
  5. Not gonna lie, pretty sick. Found it through your siggy
  6. Kinda late, but i'm curious. What did the hacker have against you guys(tribot in general)? He said something of the sort on his twitter (he was obviously desperate for followers lmfao).
  7. Current RS price: 2.75-3m (most likely 3m) Current IRL price: $7.5-8 Current stock: 2 FAQ: MM always used unless you have an impressive amount of vouches. These membership cards contain nine digit pins that I will give to you to be redeemed on the RS main page. OSGP and paypal is the only form of payment accepted. All cards are bought from Rite Aid (lol who cares). Only Paypal if you're paying w/ IRL money. 30 day cards, not 35. Q/A: Why do they cost the same amount as they would in stores? My Paypal account has no way of getting money on or of
  8. Said in the scripts description that that would be exactly what it would do.. Move on to the next item in inventory when one is done. Anyways, flawless and can't thank you enough
  9. Gonna give it a shot, good to everyone who tries as well
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