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  1. Skype:dexter1995-1995 How many bonds:1 Have you added me on skype:yep Do you AGREE the TOS:ofc
  2. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet:talking with you How much gold you have:should be about 40m Payment method:paypal Will you feedback me after trade:ofc
  3. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet:ye How much gold you have:20m Payment method:paypal Will you feedback me after trade:yes
  4. i personally think fletching or thieving is unneeded because i dont need to lvl that skills on my goldfarming accs, Thats just additional botting time when you can get caught and banned by jagex. If im able to reduce botting time to minimum and still get the same cash ph then i dont care about getting other skills.Totally different situation is when you want to increase your skills on main, in that case its good feature
  5. Amount of gold to sell: 30m Payment method:Paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn:talking with you now Have u added me already:Yes Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch:YES
  6. Eleenth


    sold me 18 pins, fantastic man
  7. Eleenth


    talking with you
  8. could you add some kind of rapair pouch system ?;s they are getting broken about 10 times daily and i dont wanna repair them manually :/ that would rise profit somehow
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