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  1. @J J able to just fix the spec bar first? i think its just the click coordinate for spec bar location change (noob scripter here just guessing)?
  2. man i thought it would finally be fixed but he just comes and goes =/
  3. Hello, when are u going to update? :)

    1. J J

      J J

      I do not have an ETA but you can expect a working script from me by March at latest. Might not be JJ's Fighter.

  4. oh yea support for herb sack and seed box and gem bag once u pick up seed and herbs and gems? also recognize if seed box (only 6 type of seeds) if full wont spam click it trying to store seed that is outside of that 6 type of seed? just an suggestion. recognize if alch runes is in rune pouch and dont have to put nats and fire rune in inventory for alch to work? i mean these can be worked on for future updates , i think spec bar is the immediate problem now =p
  5. @J J btw the script still works well, only need to fix spec bar and that's it.
  6. @J J omg u r back i was waiting for u patiently =p
  7. @J J are u coming back to this community soon?
  8. @erickho123 any idea why it will stand at the spawn point doing nothing saying buying games after every 6 hour logout timer and break?
  9. my char keep getting stuck when trying to stuck game after like 6 hour log out and its bugged any idea?
  10. @FALSkills checked and said its tribot fault so checking out if anyone else is having issue
  11. Anyone still having issue with banking? mine is still opening and closing bank trying to find absorbtion and overload for nmz. Anyone else? i tried deleting hook.dat doesnt work
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