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  1. Theres a reason everyome and their mom dosn't start a goldfarm. As said earlier in the thread, its very easy to get caught up in potential. Whether it be a lack of impatience or sloppy methods, most people give up soon after a few bans. Getting a profitable farm isnt exactly "difficult", but it takes a certain amount of willpower and patience to be able to come out with a profit I wish you luck and hope it works out
  2. Diddn't change anything but I guess it fixed itself somehow. weird
  3. Running Ubuntu 17. I already ran to where the bot was to see what happens when I log into the VNC. The bot just disconnects from runescape as soon as I log in, and when I log into the VNC screen either A. The client is frozen or B. The client is blackscreened/frozen. If I try to open a new bot or do anything on the client It barely works and is extremely slow.I have to close the client and open a new one.
  4. Current issue where it gets stuck on "Laying_trap". Was trying to hunt at black chins, completely broken probs because of the tribot/runescape update. Just letting you know if you don't already.
  5. No after I setup from the bot, I can disconnect from the VNC and the bot will continue as normal. It only crashes when I reconnect to the VNC. Thats when the client/bot crashes. It might not be a tribot issue, though. It could be an issue with my VPS. Edit: yes. If I close out of the VNC, then reconnect very quickly the bot won't crash. That narrows down the problem a little bit
  6. I'm having an issue on my linux server where I connect with VNC, startup the client and script and everything works fine. Even when I close out of the VNC my bot continues to run fine, but when I log back into the VNC (to checkup or whatever) it crashes the client and logs the bot out. I have all power management settings turned off, and have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it. It dosn't disable my farm, but is extremely annoying having to restart the client every time I want to check up on the bot. Thanks!
  7. Do you by any chance have the trial version and the paid version active at the same time? I'm just spitballing here because I remember activating the 30 min trial for my script, purchasing it and then maybe around the trial ended it started working
  8. I had this problem, and honestly I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it, I just fucked around with starting and restarting the client/my computer. I haven't had the problem since Edit: It may have something to do with you having just bought the script? I know when I fist got a script it happened, and shortly after it went away
  9. Request: Hunter script Description: Ideally get 1-63 hunter over the course of a couple days | Hunt red/black chinsPayment Amount: 50-150$Time: FlexibleAdditional: DM me on tribot and I'll give you my discord tag
  10. Oh sorry, it says I can transfer credits in the respiratory
  11. Send me a message on tribot or add me on skype joel.driskell1
  12. As the title says, I was trying to make an account a couple days ago and I never got the email. Tried multiple different emails and waited 24hrs, did not get the email. Luckily I remembered the details to this account, so I can post on the forums about it.
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