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  1. How much stock do you have? Do you have discord?
  2. Hello! I am offering a Free Middleman Service! I have traded a TON of money on Tribot, and would like to keep the community safe. I am active everyday. Trades I do: RS3 & OSRS MY ONLY DISCORD IS: Partyhat#1098 PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET A TRIBOT PM BEFORE TRADING TO CONFIRM THE TRADE.
  3. Best way to know if someone is botting while servicing?
  4. Any newcomers out there looking to make some reputation and cash? I need questing, and stats done on my main Discord: Partyhat#1098 Service must be hand done, NO BOTS. Payment made 3 days AFTER service completion to confirm no bans. Needing a big service, paying well.
  5. Buying 07 items worth 200m+ Paying BTC or PP Discord: Partyhat#1098 Always request PM.
  6. Buying rare 07 items, preferably valued 200m+ Paying via BTC / PP Discord: Partyhat#1098 Always PM before trade.
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