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  1. @Shanebola Ok, thanks for letting me know.
  2. @Shanebola Still need?
  3. I'll sell you all 7m right now for $15.26 PayPal. Add me on Skype: PhatTrades
  4. Hello, welcome to my Middleman thread, I've traded over 4b RSGP successfully since I've joined, making this middleman thread, is to keep from ANYONE getting scammed, and to continue to keep the forums safe. STATUS: ONLINE! Skype: PhatTrades I have currently traded over $1,500 totaling over 5b+ RS3 / 500M 07 Gold. What trades I do? Currently ALL RuneScape
  5. I can sell you some @ 2.15/M
  6. Partyhat

    10M OS

    @Gamete Added.
  7. You don't even know the story lol.. Anyways OP bad luck, or youre just a terrible scammer :l
  8. @hyperr222 I'll buy your whole stock, add my Skype "PhatTrades"
  9. Premium Scripts with ABCL10 anti ban, human mouse movement, and looking glass.. Bot smart too.
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