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  1. Hello, welcome to my Middleman thread, I've traded over 4b RSGP successfully since I've joined, making this middleman thread, is to keep from ANYONE getting scammed, and to continue to keep the forums safe. 











    Skype: PhatTrades






    I have currently traded over $1,500 totaling over 5b+ RS3 / 500M 07 Gold.















    What trades I do?






    Currently ALL RuneScape related trades, 07 and RS3.






    Trade types?






    RS3 GP ↔ 07 GP



    RS3 GP or 07 GP ↔ PayPal



    RS3 or 07 Account ↔ PayPal



    RS3/07 Items ↔ PayPal



    RS3 or 07 Account ↔ RS3 or 07 GP



    RS3 Items ↔ 07 Items



    RS3/07 Items ↔ RS3/07 GP



    Any Private Server Trades



    RS3/07 GP ↔ Rare RuneScape Name



    RS3 or 07 GP ↔ RS3/07 Account Service



    (If something's not listed, then contact me to discuss)









    Terms of Service!



    1. I am not responsible for anything that occurs follow completion of the trade i.e chargebacks/locks/bans.



    2. I have the right to refuse any request for my service.



    3. I have the right to withdraw my services at any point prior to the beginning of the trade.



    4. Feedback must be left after successful trading.






    Contact me:



    All you have to do now, is Add my Skype: PhatTrades












    Tips are appreciated!



    Tips Made: $0






    If interested in using me as a MM, all you have to do is post below if you agree to my ToS, then add my Skype. 


  2. Wow that's fucked up obviously he's friends with someone who has privileges to take away feedback or something like that. Sorry to hear that. I'd be pissed too.


    You don't even know the story lol..



    Anyways OP bad luck, or youre just a terrible scammer :l

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