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  1. Partyhat

    Buying 50m 1.9/m

    @ur8m8 I'll sell @ $2-2.25 if you can do other methods.
  2. Yeah right.. More like 1.70-1.75 lmao.
  3. Check official threads before buying from repository, also you have to bot more realistic now, bot a few hours, do some other things legit, then rest the account, the repeat. Make sure you use ABCL 10 anti bans and other scripts have other built in anit bans with afking and stuff
  4. It should it's a $30 script, so it probably hops.
  5. Selling TriBot Credits @ 550k/1cr 07gp! Also Selling 07gp @ $2.18-$2.30/M & Buying 07gp @ $1.75-$2!

    1. jbean94


      Hey I cant seem to find you on Skype, pm me on here if you would or help me with the whole Skype thing, why you look up PhatTrades all that pops up is 'Partyhat

  6. So, Looking Glass is not supported? So I need to wait for a few things to update before I purchase? - New in game world hopper client update, - Looking Glass (Support Soon I hope)
  7. Scumbags man, I hope you made the worker put in a deposit for situations like this.
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