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  1. This is my goal thread to personally track my sales, and expenses. I want to make $1,000 profit selling by the end of summer. I'm currently in the red, because of staking, VIP, Donating, OSBuddy Pro, RS Membership, etc. I am starting in the red, then putting under what I'm making. Total Debt: $272.38 Total Sales: $30.25 Total Profit: $4.50 Current Stock: 27.5M 07gp
  2. 10m in 1 day from blast furnace?
  3. Good luck on this, hope to see you make $1k by end of summer
  4. You need to use Looking Glass lol
  5. Don't bot for a while lol. And they know we bot over the weekend, it's obvious.
  6. My account is all good. Bad luck dude.
  7. Fish sharks, cut yews, hunt chins, and alternate between botting and real skilling to avoid patterns.
  8. Buying 07gp $1.80-$2/M. Selling 07gp $2.15-$2.35

  9. I'll sell you enough credits to buy VIP.. 8 credits gets VIP-E. 6 for VIP. I'll sell you them 550k 07gp per credit
  10. Oh I thought you meant how long have you personally been DDoS'd lol.
  11. Ew LoL.. jk.. Stream rs!
  12. I'll sell you 50m for $112.50. Pm me or add my Skype: PhatTrades
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