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  1. @Crimson Very good point, it is very limiting sadly in an international based community. But if you have that seemingly sketchy guy trying to persistently buy gold, and he is from US, and you're aswell, why not go Snapcash?
  2. @Twitch If they're not scammers, or don't plan to scam, this is a easy alternative, and quick. I'm sure people will use it.
  3. Ok, I'm sure everyone has heard of Snapchat, and if you haven't it's basically an app you download, and you can send & receive pictures, but for only 1-10 seconds and once you view them for the time that the sender, has sent for, it's disappeared forever. Full details on what Snapchat is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapchat Okay, that's out of the way, Snapchat has came up with this new thing called "Snapcash" What exactly this is, you have to be first 18 or older for it to be available on your snapchat account, and then you link your debit card, to your snapchat account note: it o
  4. Love it man, stay safe in them streets of rs.
  5. I would not be willing to script for the sole fact that i'm lazy and the income is fairly low for the work put in.
  6. Gold farms aren't really successful anymore honestly.
  7. Change your IP and why the fuck did you go a week straight suiciding? wtf man.
  8. I had a flax gold farm back in the day, lasted around 3 months ~
  9. I flax botted 3 years ago. I needs change my IP lol
  10. Just use auth and it's the biggest troller
  11. No one has faith. I've botted my whole account practically. All you have to do is babysit it and pause script every so often and do it by hand.
  12. Buying 07Gp for $1.90-$2.10/M Also Selling 07Gp for $2.25-$2.40 PM me.

  13. be active, is what hes saying lol
  14. Thanks man, most of us will need this guide.
  15. Can someone please walk me through on downloading this?
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