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  1. That probably means the entire bot/how it attaches to the game is detected. I had an account banned about 10 hours after I made it, botting for maybe 3-4. I don't care to fill the form out though.
  2. Sold to Las Vegas. Thanks mate!
  3. Changed the PA price to 7.50 for all 2M. I'll still throw in some extra gold, I'm quitting this game. I have about 200K cash I'll give, extra, for free.
  4. Is it really? The gold seller I usually go through sells mills for $4 or so each. I just like the security of PA. I've sold over 3B gold on there over the years.
  5. I'm gonna give whoever buys it all my cash (2089K atm) and a bunch of items worth probably 400-500K approximately.
  6. I'm currently selling 2M on Playerauctions, and since the minimum price per 1M is $5.00, I will include some extra items. Nothing special, maybe 250-500K worth of stuff. Link is here: http://www.playerauctions.com/offer/cheapest-rs-gp-on-pa-instant-delivery-extra-free-items-102031788/ Thanks for reading! Edit: On second thought/revelation, I have decided to sell it through Tribot. We will use a verified MM and you will pay the fees (I will give you an extra 200k or so to pay the fee, since I'm nice like that) Post offers below!
  7. Bought a VIP trial. Extremely easy guy to work with, I definitely would recommend him! Thanks for the trade!
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