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  1. Hello if you are reading this I have a great opportunity open for you. -If you are picked for the job. I am currently looking to hire a video editor. Requirements: They must have adobe after fx and the ability to make a 30-second intro. They must also have a recent video editing program. And able to show previous work. There really isn't a limit on how much I am willing to pay. And yes I am willing to pay first if they have the right amount of vouchs. The video will be sponsored on Sythe. And the creator will have the luxury of
  2. hey if anyone knows a decent scripter that can build these high-quality scripts please let me know via skype. Will be willing to pay top prices for these. Thanks.
  3. SMT


    Looking for someone to create me a script please get @ me on tribot or add my skype: Mentarley.
  4. We did a 500m Giveaway guy's on EOC please check in @ www.dragondyce.co.uk to see what else we have got going on. We Also did a 35m giveaway on 07 == Check us out at www.dragondyce.co.uk (Hit Dicing, Click Join Chatroom) And gamble today 07/eoc
  5. Hey guy's it's been a while we are still in full action every day of the year. We're selling rank's starting @ 100m 07 for when our new website is finished you can check out the interface @ http://dragondyce.co.uk/poker/ it's going to look really cool when it's finished anyways! if you are struggling for money or just need to make a little bit more please help us, as we are recruiting, recruiters today to apply all you need to do is join our discord @ /discord.gg/DBSPxsC and ask a gold rank, admin, or the owner on instructions on how to start making money risk free with us today. If you have
  6. Yes please @Mute is a good scripter i've heard alot of good things
  7. Need a script made that makes yew long (u) then strings them when runs out of yew logs. also need it to fletch what ever is needed up untill lvl 70 (yew longs) Without a gui asking to put in and choose multiple options i want it to be able to reconise there are logs, oak logs, willow logs, maple logs in the bank, and make shorts, longs and string them with reconising what level fletching it is so it automatically make's the best xp item for it's level. Also once it's 85 I want it to make magic Long's and string them if there are magic logs and bow strings in the bank.
  8. this script has never worked for me, could somone type the line they use when it works so i can try it and see if it works?
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