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  1. I've just downloaded Tribot but when I attempt to open it, it says 'could not find the main class: org.tribot.loader.main. Program will exit. Any ideas?
  2. Magma mutagen 1 Very rare (1/6,553.6) got this after 124 kc, cant even afford the helm atm lol - much rather a tanz fang/magic fang!!
  3. Hi, I've just purchased this - The bot works well whilst blackjacking, but once it's out of food it just spam clicks the barman, instead of going to the bank note guy? EDIT: This seems to only be an issue with wines. Also, why doesn't it use the Bank Note trader, instead of the general store. I believe this was requested some time ago, surely it's not difficult to implement....
  4. When defending, it will just sit there for a few seconds before attacking the shifters. All the legit players instantly attack whilst I just sit there. Once it finally decides to attack the shifter it's usually dead. Also, as soon as I run the script runescape seems to lagg. All my other scripts are fine, but this one seems to cause a problem.
  5. its really slow to attack anything, which results in me not even achieving the 50 damage required. Wouldn't really recommend the script to be honest. Why does it have to right click to attack, why not just left click...
  6. Hey, just wondering...The mousekeys on the gui no longer seem to work, is this able to be fixed or is this a client issue?
  7. Really great script, loving it at the minute. bought it 2 days ago and it's been running nicely. One thing I thought that might speed it up slightly, when it banks and withdraws food to heal would it not be slightly more efficient if it also re-stocked the pouches with P-Ess at the same time. Only a little thing, not really too fussed. Thanks for the xp gains :-)
  8. Stopped working now but before that really good script! Hopefully fixed soon getting the same as others at scripts.exsuperheater.SuperheatItem.C(SuperheatItem.java:90)
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