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  1. Barbarian fishing (fishing trawler outfit). 8 hours a day.
  2. Just reached 90 agility with this script. Unlucky for you.
  3. Was thinking of this too. That would be sick
  4. Same for me. Tried deleting all the folders, tried an older version. but still doesnt help
  5. When will the high alch future being added?
  6. It lets you run your scripts onto an official, nonbot client. So you could open up old school Runescape in your browser and use TRiBot's looking glass to run scripts onto it(I haven't had any compatibility issues yet with scripts). It also works on other clients such as OSBuddy.
  7. rick558


    Dam, that would be sick..
  8. Thanks! Got 99 strength and range with this script!
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