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  1. No skills are required. I doubt they will tell you the method
  2. Sounds great, looking forward to future releases
  3. Sorry about that, from what i read it sounded like it was but that's a good idea
  4. Sounds real interesting, but i don't think i'd use it until there are other methods used like Fairy rings or the Abyss as the general store method is extremely unreliable with the amount of people currently botting nats. Looking forward to seeing future progress/ releases and proggies. Keep it up will more than likely purchase this in the future
  5. Testing it currently in the fishing guild, fishing lobsters. So far so good only problem ive noticed is it will go to the other docks fishing spots then back to the other docks fishing spots even if there are closer fishing spots around for example right next to the fishing spot your right at. Looking forward to updates, loving it so far
  6. Looking forward to it, may make it paid though?
  7. Demon Drill instructor random solver failed at least 8 times. Can't wait for a fix
  8. Great work on the Random solver scripts so far Swarm NPC ID: 411 Mystery wise old man NPC ID: 410 River Troll NPC ID: 393 Evil chicken NPC ID: 2465 Miles NPC ID: 2537 Hope these help somehow
  9. Sweet, really can't wait! Keep up the amazing work Trilez
  10. As long as Tribot remains "Donation" based and doesn't charge for scripts or the bot things will be fine
  11. Have to agree But we will have to crank out some better scripts
  12. Yup bought quite a few, had a service leveling certain stats or gold farming.
  13. Erm, not to be a buzz kill but that didnt really answer his question... When the bot is official released, id imagine @ Velozity
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