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  1. The script would basically double click the rapid heal prayer between 1 and 50 seconds... drink overload dose every 5 minutes.. and absorb any hp that’s less than 250. Basically everything liam’s Simple nmz did before it broke. Would this be possible for anyone to rig? Seems like a pretty simple concept however I’m not a scripter so I’m unsure.
  2. Could someone possibly fix the rapid heal flicking on this script? Was a great,simple reliable script... maxed many accounts with it.
  3. Most likely a client issue as it is present with many scripts. It does however work fine when i run my laptop in safe mode... not sure what's going on.
  4. I've been having this issue with many scripts where the mouse will click in the wrong location. For example it needs to click the high alchemy symbol but instead clicks off into the top left of my screen and basically gets stuck in a loop. I minimize/maximize the rs client and sometimes this fixes the issue but not always. For reference i am using lg/official client/fixed mode. Have also been using this client for the past year and it's the first time i've noticed this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I am using fixed mode and the problem persists with osb.
  5. Banned on an alt using worthy zulrah killer. If you use this script without lg you will get banned.
  6. ^I too am an experienced botter. I bot anytime regardless of whether Weath is working or on vacation. The thing is, I use LG and check them every couple of hours - remotely if i'm away. No bans for years. You can't be so quick to say nothing is wrong with the client or script... clearly there is a LG banking issue.
  7. Reach - I didn't say it was impossible I just said that it was unlikely. If you don't mind me asking what is your hp level and what color was the "poison" that killed you for full hp?
  8. ^ lol no offense but this sounds highly unlikely. Is the poison you're referring to venom? I could see the bot having to tele out during a kill due to lack of supplies while still being venomed from Zulrah and maybe that causes a death near clan wars. This could happen for many reasons - maybe you were out of antivenoms by the end of the kill. I have over 5k legit zulrah kills (done without bots) and have nearly died multiple times at clanwars before reaching the portal due to venom. What average time does your character kill zulrah? Having very long kills can increase this likelihood of this happening. The fact that no one saw your items is because of the 1hr death timer. The issue however is that LG doesn't work smoothly for me as stated in the first post. I don't feel comfortable botting without LG because I know it makes a HUGE difference. This is coming from someone with many maxed accounts fully botted and 0 bans. Unless it can be fixed I would like to request a refund.
  9. Please state if you used LG or not... pretty important distinction.
  10. Looking forward to f keys and quicker travel methods as well. Anyone have experience using this script longterm without lg?
  11. Fixed. Ok script appears to work well... Are there any plans for a glory > edge > fairy ring support? With that maybe summer pie support as well. Can lend account for you to test just pm me
  12. Thanks but 20 hrs in the past 5days probably isn't the best sample size... especially since the jmods have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks. Looking for something more longterm...
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