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  1. Is there a way I can do a herb run then set the script up so it logs into a different account automatically and switches accounts once its finished its herb run
  2. Fine for me because I guess im using the animate theme. Weird..
  3. THIS IS A BOTTED SERVICE The service is simple, you provide a fresh level 3 account with bond and cash for the service. The majority of the service is botted hence the price is much cheaper than other questers/skiller. You can expect your account to have these stats once finished. Some stats may vary as each account is made in the safest possible way. Castle Wars Service 175k per ticket. The Discord has the most updated prices
  4. This already exists https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47959-abcl-10-exshopper-aio-shop-buyer-seller/
  5. Don`t blame the bot when A LOT of people have successful gold farms running 20-50 bots at time w/o bans. Botting is a learning experience and if you can`t adapt to new methods you will get banned. If you need some tips about botting just ask..Everyone on the forums are here to help and of course, never bot on your account that you are afraid to lose.
  6. Apparently if you have a credit card tied with the account it will be 2 day-ban then perm but if you pay with bonds it will be perm straight up. (Have not tested but heard through the grapevine)
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