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  1. Your unable to run the LG client on MAC? Im having trouble too. Not sure its hooking to the tribot client right now.
  2. congrats dude, im so close to 1.5k!
  3. I got two 99s with this, one on a throwaway main and an alt. unfortunately both banned this morning. probably ran it a few too many hours in the one day post 99 smithing, cannot fault this script.
  4. Also having a problem with LG, cannot load up osbuddy though LG. Running Mac OS. On the previous client, before updating the loader. I could only get openOSRS running with LG.. any ideas would really like to be able to run osbuddy through the LG client. ty ty!
  5. anyone got a fix for running LG? Cant get it working with osbuddy after the client update. Mac OS.
  6. apparently your good after about a week? so I wouldn't worry too much if you have played legit for a while. Or just finish the botting you want and then play legit for couple of weeks then move on to pking / lms.
  7. Well done man, looks like this is coming together. Looking forward to testing cannon support!
  8. Don't stun alch man just steer clear, your asking for a ban with that method. I swear anyone doing that any longer than an hour for real is a madman.
  9. Offer you 4m for 5 Credits if interested PM me.
  10. Like I said not to fussed about the account man, just thought I would let you know / report it back to you. As like I said 2/3 accounts that didn't do AM are fine. Edit - Does seem strange and im pretty sure the items were bought for the same prices on the accounts on definitely some of the quests if not AM.
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