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  1. 30-40 cent drop in last 3-4 weeks? lul I got buyers whom would buy off me like 10b+ for 0.7$ this moment, and It was like 0.80-0.85$ for past few weeks. So it's not 30-40. It's 10-15. Probably duel arena + its easy to bot atm.
  2. Sharks are 650 ea. You're late I guess.
  3. There is no rule. You're never sure if first ban will be 2 days or perm. Never heard of 2 weeks bans. Usually older accounts and not gold-farming realted gets 2 days first. I had only this: 2 days --> perma or perma
  4. @Einstein Bot got stuck at Fally smithing furnace since new interface
  5. I can sell you 100m at 0.95 but via BTC.
  6. Does this shop even work? checking you everyday and never saw online chat xD
  7. There are tons of fisher's mate. Keep your work with your little gold nugget noob-account leveler with p2p methods, gui and options to support acc with buyable stuff <3 Still loving you and script is rock probably. Might do some tests from you later on
  8. Nope. Not black dragon's
  9. Prices updated and also script description.
  10. Well did a test run yesterday. Script works well but all of 8 accs got banned xD, f2p, fresh accs so np.
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