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  1. right ive finally got it working. thanks for the help guys. my jar assosiation was hijacked as you said yohojo i downloaded a programe called jarfix that did it for me wooop. if anyone else has the same problem, reinstall java and up to date jdk file then download jarfix. for some reason even when i manually changed the assosiation it did not work for me
  2. hi all, ive botted in the past using this a few years back on what is now rs3. ive recently brought a lenovo ideapad 305 that has windows 10 on and for some reason i cant use a bot, the file is downloaded as a zip file, ive extracted is using winrar but there is no launch icon for the bot or nothing like it to run a bot. ive searched for various apps and cant find anything, ive searched other peoples threads and no one has a answer. ive got java installed (latest version) i have no idea what to do can anybody help me please. would be apriciated if you took the time to read my issue thank you, any help welcome.
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