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  1. Yeah that's fine you probs get around 9 kills an hr and 1-3 deaths an hr with those stats. gotten a few 2 day bans but, probs because i bot for a long time. i would reccomend 4 hrs a day with it if you wanted to be safe.
  2. How do you buy on accident? And you used it already so don't think it was an accident lmao
  3. I don't think you understand YES the pipe is better in terms of a weapon if playing LEGIT, but it is not good with the script UNLESS you are 93+ range because at 93+ range the damage the pipe can do is > the damage it takes. Using a crossbow with the script means a slightly slower kill, but MORE kills and LESS deaths because the crossbow has a longer range then the pipe.
  4. Yeah ive used this to get to 94 mage on 3 accounts. basically used max mage gear + void mage (found ahrims didn't give more so didn't want to waste money on repairs) staff of dead for the 1/8 chance of a free cast which probably saved me more then the cost of the staff and just fire blast till 75 then fire wave to 94. With the current price of blood runes going down i was spending 4gp/xp but now its probably down to 2-3gp/xp which is pretty damn good. avg 76k xp at lvl 75-94 fire wave and 67k from fire blast to 75. Surprisingly higher mage lvl makes 0 difference in xp/hr.
  5. Hey that's mine =D ~on 70 def account And blowpipe like worthy said is not fine. That's literally the reason why you die so much in the smoke.
  6. Stats and are you using LG? What gear are you using? what's your swap?
  7. I think it's all about trial and error, literally took me 200 deaths to figure out the right settings for my accounts
  8. Clearly ur doing it wrong cause one of my accs is 70 def and avg 10 kills 1 death with 45 pray. Maybe try reading the GUI and main post. Probably just missing some key factor
  9. I started using this for an ags pure im making, started with 40 atk and 30 str doing rumble mtd normal. started at 12k an hr to now 60 atk 60 str 33k xp an hr. def slower then say rock crabs eperiments but almost 100% ban safe. using pro melee until i get 70 atk and can use SS.
  10. So move the slider down to the left until it does
  11. Yeah ^^ I think it's a looking glass problem. My current solution is to bring a prayer pot or 2. For absorb method you just choose dharok method.
  12. Tried that.....entered in say 20000 blood runes. when i start it says Inventory has 20027 spots and is too many or something.
  13. AH ok HYPE time to play legit for a bit kappa
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