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  1. @Encoded I have a crappy internet, since I mostly use a VPN to avoid logging out/multiple instances issues stuff, anyways, I had the script running for 14+ hours stable, I was competing with a friend of mine, got banned twice, appealed, and got unbanned twice as well, managed to get 99 firemaking within a week, results using LG + OSBuddy, the bans were my fault since I was suiciding :D)
  2. Your point of view is pretty wrong
  3. As long as you don't abuse the script, bot a small amount of time/day, use LG, you're good to go.
  4. Most private scripts are paid, if it's a non-profit script, what's wrong to share it so people can also benefit out of it, including yourself?
  5. The point is to put it in public, I can't do paid scripts, as I need to get feedback/review.
  6. UKF_HHA

    Mac Freezing

    Same happened to me, I thought it might be my teamviewer connected to my MacBook, but wasn't sure. Though mine is a MacBook Pro mid 2014
  7. What's the simple script about?
  8. Seems like you got it right with the VIP-E.
  9. Run the script over night while testing woodcutting + progressive fletching 12 hours progress:
  10. UKF_HHA

    I'm Back

    Welcome back, All good so far, it depends on many hours/day you bot, break handlers, antiban patterns the scripts use etc...
  11. Here are some snippets: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6045384/playing-mp3-and-wav-in-java
  12. Added fletching support (not pushed to the repo yet) - Github available Changed script style from State Management to Node Framework
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