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  1. seems to be working okay. can't detect north altar though
  2. New rare spawns from today in Mod Mat K's stream! Outside Draynor Manor door entrance Sophanem (around the pyramid) Tai Bwo Wannai Beach near the boats At the afflicted people Brimhaven near the pub Outside the doors to The Grand Tree Lumbridge near the statues to the castle also a little bit south-west of the Signpost near the bridge Mudskipper Point Chaos altar (Level 12 wilderness) Yanille outside magic guild At the Barrows Hills (can be at all brothers hills) Varrock square Nardah square Outside falador park fence near the bank Varrock west entrance
  3. http://s12.postimg.org/tc71x4lt9/Untitled.png Can sell location for right price. Not too fussed though as i can make more using the location. Didn't save first proggy. So far 6 hats in 3 hours two accounts going though. This loc isn't listed from what i can see on mr cr0w's post either or the mod mat k's livestream EDIT: Hats were 2 yellows 1 blue 1 red 1 purp and a blue. Just started using the spot, i found it while doing a quest lool. the area isn't a quest area either.
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