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  1. suggestion: can you add teleportation method for seers village course? so after you complete the course it teleports you outside the bank using Camelot tab. (need to complete kandarin hard diary) @Einstein
  2. Hi, sometimes scripts runs good without problems but noticed it clicks on the deposit bank sometimes at seers and just stays there, or sometimes clicks on the stairs, am I doing something wrong, do I need to be max zoomed out?
  3. hi any chance u can show me what settings u use for It and food, and numbers of max/min
  4. trying to use looking glass for regular osrs client, have ran through jdk, when I click New run (looking glass) It loads and it just says Looking for runescape client or the cant find client 32 bit error or whatever it is. I have downloaded waterfox and went on osrs website but it keeps prompting me to download the client, so I tried palemoon and that just stays black screen on the website...(says cant find client 32bit or whatever etc..) also tried opening the osrs client normally and that doesn't work... ( when I open osrs client only I get this debug and looking for runescape client..
  5. stop taking steroids it's not worth it
  6. does the bot work on maxed pures? Also what wud i need to start the bot farm. Proxies,accounts, the bot and what else..
  7. how do u avoid getting banned though I have like 4 accounts and dont rlly wanna risk any of them... I've never got banned for botting before but, with zulrah idk the risks as its heavily watched... idk how people run 30 bots my pc wud prob explode. Wudnt it cost a lot to invest into 30 mules or w.e
  8. how do these people rune it for 100 hours + without getting banned. max I run is 6 hrs on my fishing bot lool. Im looking to get into this bot but idk if i'll get banned cause these ppl surely running it for 100hrs + like tf. max I can run it a day is 9 hours. would that be worth it etc..?
  9. Hi, my oldschool rs client or any other rs clients didn't work including tribot. I ran osrs client in compatibility mode windows xp sp3 and it worked, theres no compatibility for tribot, this is the error that keeps popping up at the bot debug: (there was more but it kinda looked all the same, so I cut it to save scrolling) [14:22:29] at obf.Fh.(gm:150) [14:22:29] at obf.xH.(de:197) [14:22:29] at obf.tH.(fj:160) [14:22:29] at obf.fE.run(cj:234) [14:22:29] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [14:22:31] java.net.SocketException: Address family not suppor
  10. Hi, I had the same problem, put 3 buckets in inventory like 4 ropes and like 2k paste or however much u want then run it, make sure u choose hw many angler pieces u need :)
  11. Yo, when I run barb village trout/salmon with shift drop on, it gets full inventory and the script just turns off. Other than that great script. Can u fix it or am I doing something wrong, I turned the setting on and turned shift drop on on osrs and on the script still didn't work
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