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  1. @Netami Can you change DaxWalker key to valid one, because script says that key has expired.
  2. Thank you mate you are absolute genius and now I finally got all my bots back to action, although I spent all day figuring out how to proxy browsers so I was only able to proxy one browser instance at the time because another instance would use same proxy as previous and wouldnt change, so I installed palemoon, forefox 52 esr, epiphany, midori which all support NPAPI (waterfox cant launch osrs on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit for some reason)
  3. LG worked with osrs on browser before last week Thursday update but every time I try to open it on waterfox or palemoon browser it doesnt start because of blocked by security settings and if I add current world link to exception site list it says 'incompatible magic value 1013478509'. I tried changing advanced java security settings but I get 'No class def found' error when disabling TLS, also I tried downgrading to Java 7 but then nothing shows up at all so I just gave up and I'm waiting for tribot to fix runelite. Please note that I also tried all these steps on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit vps but results are exactly the same as if on windows.
  4. keep trying guys you can do this
  5. RuneLite wont work with looking glass at this moment, use this: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/79817-todds-custom-runelite-launcher/
  6. Looking glass fails to find RuneLite both exe and jar today
  7. Script is ending randomly again when banking stringed maple longbows Reason for stopping: count of item (62) is less than 1
  8. @Druid pls fix walking to and from bank, this is such godlike thieving script
  9. Good job guys, now every script I use breaks with this error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api.types.generic.Filter.combine(Ljava/util/function/Predicate;Z)Lorg/tribot/api/types/generic/Filter; pls fix
  10. When selecting repair mode and game starts script waits and does nothing with hammer and logs, but it worked before perfectly pls fix
  11. Hello, I've just tried smelting steel bars at Al Kharid but instead it tries to smelt gold and when attempting to smelt iron it smelts silver instead, pls fix.
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