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  1. Do you have your main class in the scripts folder? Also like this in your code: @ScriptManifest(authors = "Kyle_1995", name = "Kyle's Woodcutter", category = "Woodcutting")public class Woodcutter extends Script {}
  2. I would but I don't know anything more than you do at this point I just tagged flax who is support, hopefully he can help you. @Flax
  3. Check here. One of last posts, someone had a solution.
  4. Looks like it can't connect to the tribot servers. Check your firewall to allow tribot.
  5. Nobody is going to go out of their way to purchase a used one with a bad rep and then wait like 2 weeks (overseas) or a few days (local) for 238 pounds when they can head down to the store to get it straight away for almost the same price.
  6. Who the hell would buy a used PS4 for 238 pounds lol
  7. Hey guys, I use Zulrah Helper and was wondering how it highlights tiles. Does anyone know how to do it in code? Would be very useful for tile debugging; making sure your bot clicks on the right tile etc. Kyle
  8. My guess would be that tribot doesn't support rs3 anymore.
  9. I use this for my 07 scripts: if (Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.LOGINSCREEN){ printState("Login screen."); printState("Logging in..."); Login.login(); printState("Logged in."); } else { printState("In-game."); }Well Login.login() won't log you in if your INGAME.
  10. Don't know. Did you setup an account with the account manager? Also you should use General.sleep(500) instead of sleep(500). General.sleep() is for the CPU to catch up while sleep() stops the thread. while (true){ sleep(500);}This puts you in an infinite sleep loop.
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