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  1. Does this bot support construction skillcape to teleport to house and use mount glory or in my case a ornate Jewellery box?
  2. Has anyone gotten banned using it they know 100% for sure? and how's the antiban.
  3. Worst anti-ban i've ever seen, worst than free bots... Got banned on 2 accounts within 7 hrs.
  4. Why isn't this bot working right now? i've paid for 1 month, and still have 2 weeks left.. hasnt been working for the past week.. Lost like 5 days of botting. I turn on the bot, it moves the camera for 1 second, then turns off.
  5. The USA agility script hasn't been working for 2 days, idk if its me.. but i start the script and it moves the camera after 1 second it stops.
  6. Earlier I bought 7.00 credits. After I bought them it told me i had 7 credits. So I bought VIP which is 6.50 credits, So now I have .5 credits, and still havent recieved my vip.
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