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  1. Gets stuck at cw bank with 1.49, trying to use cw portal but is unable so just sits at bank
  2. Maybe add fkeys for faster interface switching. and for pker detection make a list of pking items and compare them on check, else it runs from everything with skull
  3. Have sold some gold for a few times now, great guy to deal with. Vouch Thank you
  4. Unless you get residential IP`s proxy`s seem to be too easy to spot. They can just blacklist all Most common proxy ISP`s that goldfarmers use, but they won`t blacklist ISP`s like comcast, verizon so on...
  5. So far all good, it would be amazing if it would automatically use more traps as it levels up, setting all tiles up but it will use only a few until it reaches next threshold?
  6. 2/10 on test accounts, last weekend 10/10
  7. Expect answer within 2 weeks, they will reply even if they decide to keep account banned
  8. yeh, got hammered last weekend halfway in, as time goes on it will get worse
  9. uupiits

    Is this safe?

    You can run them all on same IP and play with main legit, it won`t get banned. Unless you keep trading items from bot accounts to main, than it would get an rwt ban (even if it would show banned for macroing, it would of been an rwt ban, they don`t care for stating exact ban reason).
  10. uupiits

    Mod weath

    A little over 4k so far So expect many more
  11. Weath back on Monday, and he`ll have an apprentice to help with banning bots
  12. lower than using alching script tho
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