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  1. I don't have any accounts, and I haven't had much success in botting accounts up, I would pay for a NMZ service for 3 accounts minimum if I was seriously going to do this again. The stats I would want on the accounts would likely cost close to $500. I have not been around the game in almost 7 months, I have no way to tell if this will be even worth it by the time my accounts are done, but the proggys look insane.
  2. Same, old one was the tits like 3 and a half years ago till all my accounts got banned lol... I don't know if I feel like investing $500 into accounts being trained from level 3 is my issue right now.
  3. I can't believe it's not Butta!
  4. I usually use Montreal's service My accounts are suicided over the weekends usually, all I do. However, I've definitely had fast bans on fresh proxies before (like 2 hours of botting with only one account ever on that IP and that account on no other IPs). I use the maxthon browser to create my accounts (not on that automated level yet).
  5. Congratz! Glad to see you're able to afford a 20 piece over a 6 piece thanks to tribot!
  6. https://www.sythe.org/threads/toxics-nmz-service-3gp-xp/ banned on sythe
  7. Before you get to paying for a private script to reach that level of automation I hope you have found a method already that profits more than bonds and proxies. If you're just starting botting I would recommend starting off small and growing. If you're not new just ignore above lol.
  8. idk if rendi meto still does them, steroidperm is only one I know that is active. Not many people can do this the number is probably barely above a dozen.
  9. Diabolic

    Mod List

    Gotta put the p-mods on payroll like back in the days, they'll mute your competition too. J-mods are like feds you don't fuck with them the logoff feature is good.
  10. oh my bad misread, if it's been a few years unless you have a static IP and haven't changed your ISP your IP address should be different than a few years ago. Can unplug your modem for 5 mins and should change too again unless it's static. I only farm but I'd recommend you get VIP-E so you can use looking glass too, botting a reasonable amount of time a day, botting non jagex hours, etc. if you want to see the account last. Their anti-ban system is pretty solid now tbh.
  11. I think proxies would be the easiest way for what you're trying to do. Download the maxthon browser and you can use sock5proxy's there to create your accounts and then also use those proxies on tribot so that your accounts don't even have to ever touch your home IP at all.
  12. You can make money off just suiciding weekends so... yeah :\ You can't make nearly as much money as you used to off this game but 500m+ a month profit is still very achievable if you put in the time to learn.
  13. This ain't the site homie, you wanna head over to sythe, steroidperm. Be prepared to drop 100m+
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