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  1. Hey, You specified that 'if item length is more than 1' do something (so a minimum value of 2), otherwise do something else. 'doSomethingElse()' is called because the value was less than 2. You can get your desired behavior by using 'else if' or '=='. I recommend using the Tribot method "println()" if you suspect something is off. Eg. println(item.length), then you see the value in Tribots client debug under the client as you run the script. As for the weird behavior and clicks I believe it's the Tribots antiban thats implemented in every script by default, the only way I know to disable this is to use this code on start. @Override public void run() { //This code to disable the antiban. for(Thread thread:Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet()){ if(thread.getName().contains("Antiban")||thread.getName().contains("Fatigue")){ thread.suspend(); } } //Your loop while(true) { } } Hope this helps.
  2. Yeah you just need camelot teles, 3200 gp per trip or if you've done cabin fever i believe it's 1600 gp per trip, also recommend buying stamina potions in bank so the bot can take a zip before the long run to zul-andra before each trip.
  3. Hey, if i have three zulrah accounts i wanna bot with at the same time, can i run them all with the 24,99$ package? i don't get this whole "auth" thing. thanks
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