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  1. You only need email addresses if you intend to pay for membership via any other means besides in-game bonds. I run a small farm (15 F2P, 4 P2P), every single one of these has an email address which does not exist. All my bots use the format RSN: runescapename Email: [email protected] I have written a GreaseMonkey script which automates MOST of the signup process which I will clean up and post later today What the script does is enter a random age and a password which you set into the signup form. It also monitors the RSN box and fills in the email accordingly. I use it by clicking the RSN box typing a random taken name and clicking on any of the suggested names which appear, fill in captcha and submit... so it removes ALOT of the steps, from there I use USA Tutorial island as it can load from a file... have all my accounts set and let USA Tutorial run them one by one (or split into multiple account and run multiple instances) A combination of my GreaseMonkey script and USA Tutorial makes the account creation process alot less painful.. I will clean up my GreaseMonkey script and then post it here later today.
  2. Did you check the repository by "free" and "crafting"? I haven't used it but I like AlphaDog scripts so maybe try https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/920-alphacrafter/ EDIT: I actually didn't see you said enchant them at same time. Do not think any free script does this.
  3. @TRiLeZ thanks for the quick response. Another issue I have found is that essence mining does not work. It gets to the essence rock and then does not mine and log continually shows [15:52:38] Reaction time: X, Waiting Time: Y
  4. @TRiLeZ there is a small issue I would like to see addressed in this script. With ABC2 the script misses ALOT of ore. It seems like it is choosing the ore to mine before waiting, waiting 10 seconds and then clicks on the ore it choose before waiting even when it is depleted\the ore in front of you has respawned. Also would like to see a "stationary" option so that you can choose to stay in one spot and wait for respawns in adjacent tiles. Other then that its an amazing script runs flawless, Thanks.
  5. @Usa Works pretty well... One thing I have noticed is that it is not detecting what the player has equipped when the script is started.. I started in lumby with bronze sword and shield equipped (Logged out), started the script which brings up the status "Logging in" on the script. Once it is logged in the GUI shows up and I set my settings and click start. When I die the bot runs back to the goblins and then DROPS the sword and shield as if they are items it shouldn't have. Instead of re-equipping them. This is a really small yet annoying problem, Please fix asap and I look forward to it. Thanks!. EDIT: Just to add some more information, It seems it is just messing up entirely I see this in the log [14:04:59] Saving starting equipment... Bronze sword, Wooden shield On all 5 of my accounts yet 2 keep the sword and shield in their inventory and 3 dropped the sword and shield (I was watching the bot I saw it right click and drop, I am not assuming). NONE of them however re-equipped. EDIT 2: Can we please see an option which lets us choose which order to train our combat? So I can choose to go atk, def, str.
  6. I use a VM machine mainly because I use VPN which changes the IP of the entire system and I don't want it to affect my main system as it conflicts with battle.net (always makes me change password) and netflix wont run through it. So I use a windows 7 VM with a VPN but a proxy is just as good in this respect and should have no link back to your host system.
  7. The script is not working correctly at the moment. For me on the GUI one of the options the one under location us unreadable and I have no idea what it does. on top of that when it gets to the bank to withdraw buckets it opens the bank and then says "Out of buckets" although I have 100 buckets in my bank. (this is on the MINE and SOFTEN option) - Im pretty sure its because its checking for buckets before the bank its properly opened. the message pops up fraction before the bank does. If I have buckets on me it will walk to the mine and it does mine ok, but it is very very spam clicky... EDIT: It will also get stuck at varrock sometimes clicking on each side of the wall while walking from the bank to the mine. Getting stuck clicking and then running south on west side of wall, it then clicks on the east side (correct side) of that wall and runs back north to go around the wall to its destination. but when the destination tile goes off minimap it reclicks the wrong side of the wall till its visible again. This causes an infinite loop it does not break of just walking north then south.
  8. Love the script but could we have support for arguments instead of using the GUI? GUIs are nice and all but I'de like to be able to do something like profile:SAVEDNAME,attack:40,defence:40,strength:60,food:false as an argument when starting the script so that it basically sets up the profile automatically without a GUI. EDIT: of course setup the profile in the GUI the first time you want a new profile but form then on it would be nice to restart with arguments.
  9. Please delete this thread. It just took a little while for me to be upgraded back to VIP in the system. I am able to run scripts again.
  10. Cool thanks for the info guys, that is pretty much exactly how I am already doing it. I will join the Discord chat tomorrow and check it out.
  11. Hi there, I have Implemented Arguments overwritten the method but am wondering if I am over doing the way I am getting the arguments currently I am doing the following: Grabbing the key custom_input from the hashMap, this gives me a string of what was entered in the argument box splitting the given string by comma to give me individual arguments iterating over the new array of arguments and splitting again by colon this gives me keys and values. Is this the correct way of going about it. I know this does indeed work but wasn't sure if the API had something built in which does something like this already. EDIT: arguments example argument1:true,argument2:SEERS
  12. @erickho123 It runs the tutorial fine besides it missclicks the inventory button at the start, if i wait for that step manually click inventory the script runs fine. also account creation doesn't work although this is not a big problem it is probably due to the reCaptcha update.
  13. Ok so it turns out the culprit was the script. It also wasn't doing it intentionally it would miss click an NPC with an item stack selected and click on a table. The script did not have any fail safe to account for this... Took me 6 hours into me recording the bot for it to happen again. But I did catch it on video which lead me to the issue.
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