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  1. Any idea of XP rates for ironman charter ship method? I'm level 70 at the moment
  2. Hey bro, any plans to add Kraken, even just the small ones? My ironman needs a Trident lol.
  3. Does this not automatically choose the spell to use? I selected ibans blast but came back and it'd been bashing Guthan with it's staff for 2 hours.
  4. Last couple of days it's started trying to take anti-fires to drake's. I'm an ironman and do not take anti-fires to dragons. Have deleted hooks. Any ideas?
  5. Managed to make it work by lighting the lantern myself and seems to be fine now. Thanks.
  6. Just got my main to 99 slayer thanks. I'm now trying to get it on an ironman and have a problem. I got Harpie Bug Swarms and so need a lantern and tinderbox. I've got 3 tinderboxes in my bank but it's saying I don't have any and closes.
  7. I'm having a problem with a dust devil task. It withdraws the correct stuff from the bank but there is no room left for food so it banks it all and tries again. Have deleted hooks and restarted and cancelled tasks but always happens. Seems to only be since I started using duradel and takes dramen staff on task. Could be better for it to tele to house, rejuvenation pool, bank then go to duradel.
  8. Also, I've died at Drake's a few times in the last week. Haven't actually seen it happen but I think it happens when trying to teleport out via the slayer ring in the inventory instead of using the one-click teleport. I don't think it moves to a safe spot to teleport and the Drake is still aggro. Wonder if anyone has had this happen and might be able to add some more info.
  9. Hey Bro, any chance to increase the amount of prayer pots it takes on prayer tasks? I find it has to bank during some tasks such as bloodveld where it wouldn't jf it took a full invent at the beginning. Cheers
  10. Can anyone recommend the best range setup? I have maxed combat but 92 range. Money isn't an issue. Thanks
  11. Trying to chop willows in Draynor. Says "Chopping" but the guy just stands there. Quite a few scripts do not work for me actually, any ideas?
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