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  1. dont really wanna risk it without lg tbh
  2. im guessing by the fact i cant buy vip-e, looking glass and tribot is still down?
  3. im guessing by the fact i cant buy vip-e, looking glass and tribot is still down?
  4. thanks @Encoded https://postimg.org/image/pt1n2fodj/
  5. @Encoded are you upping the anti-ban or is it already at its peak? really appreciate you making these free scripts
  6. just a little proggy from today https://postimg.org/image/k8k2d9iul/
  7. @Encoded I think it was when my mouse hovered over and it misclicked outside I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the proggy but have cooked almost 10k monks today and nearly 89 cooking
  8. found a solution @Encoded just gotta minimize both clients so the mouse doesn't stuff up where it clicks will post a proggie soon
  9. yeah @jimmyneutron the ones near the bank
  10. @Encoded gets stuck here and tries to spam the oven, when its closing bank sometimes itll click outside and then click up there on the minimap I'm not sure why https://postimg.org/image/ckc7ppg27/
  11. hey @Encoded been using this for about 4/5 hours at hosidius and sometimes it will get stuck and try to go to the long hall which isn't reachable, thought I'd let you know as it could be a cause for ban
  12. legend had many bans with this script??
  13. hey @Beg, I know its probably a long shot, but any chance you could implement hosidius kitchen/clay ovens as a location? love your script and have used it from 60-83 cooking so far, just would be a little bonus as it stops burning earlier
  14. I know its probably an odd one but anyone able to make a cooking script with hosidius kitchen/clay oven as a location? or a rewrite and add the kitchen burning level stops 5% earlier, would pay for a good one with abc2
  15. cant really think of much, the bank is literally right next to the trees, just make sure camera doesn't idle for a long time, and not misclick to the outside of the bank
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