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  1. I've had this happen, I think it'll do one task in death plateau than it'll notice frem isles has been finished. @Ark Q: I'm using looking glass, does that slow the reaction speed for the superior monsters attacks? I ask because the superior gargoyles and nechs are ripping me a new one.
  2. I respect the desire to minimize ban rates, I noticed it was using lower tier potions when I was a lower lvl, that's great, that's cool, big fan of that. I disagree that antidote+ potions should be used at all though, they don't really have their place in the game. Pretty trash item to ever choose to use, I don't believe any actual players use the antidote+ potion. Especially by the time they are using the Nieve slayer master.
  3. please change it to use antidote++ not antidote+ for kalphites, they're cheaper and they last longer -- i manually bought some and put one in the inventory and it worked fine but just a few minutes ago I saw the script spend 3minutes or so putting in offers for antidote+, so I'm guessing if I keep them stocked the script will use them?
  4. based, true, i can't change your mind bcz you speak nothing but facts
  5. it's been working really well, much appreciate the recent update for adding d'hide armor swaps. Q: What block list are the rest of you using? I'm blocking black demons, hellhounds and wyrms
  6. trekr

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    it works fine yes
  7. bought script a few days ago, had problems the entire time so far. Using vanakka and the glory travel methoods it's constantly crashing for reasons I don't fully understand. It says [06:02:34] [Stop Script] Stop reason: Your account triggered one of our account-saving failsafes - logging out to save your account. but what I'm seeing on the screen is it teleing away despite having full hp + supplies in my inventory to kill more as well as auto attacking the mobs that are being agro'd by the cannon so it's not that I'm not gaining xp.
  8. I'm not selling them. I want to use them in order to pay for vip
  9. sorry, i dont know where the logger is on the new client, but I'm not having the problem today so all's well that ends well
  10. Currently busted, shows a white empty box when I try to start the script
  11. it's fixed, a new version of the client is out.
  12. that's fenkenstreins castle but you don't actually need to start the quest i think, it's like ice gloves.
  13. does deleting hooks.dat do anything with this script? other scripts are working fine - I still haven't been able to use the free trial for this in the past week or two.
  14. digsite & bonvoyage so people can do birdhouse runs, they're my favourite "custom" anti-ban lol tai bwano trio for the karamabwan fishing options fairy tale quests till fairy rings are unlocked that's what i'd really love to see added
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