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  1. sorry, i dont know where the logger is on the new client, but I'm not having the problem today so all's well that ends well
  2. Currently busted, shows a white empty box when I try to start the script
  3. it's fixed, a new version of the client is out.
  4. that's fenkenstreins castle but you don't actually need to start the quest i think, it's like ice gloves.
  5. does deleting hooks.dat do anything with this script? other scripts are working fine - I still haven't been able to use the free trial for this in the past week or two.
  6. digsite & bonvoyage so people can do birdhouse runs, they're my favourite "custom" anti-ban lol tai bwano trio for the karamabwan fishing options fairy tale quests till fairy rings are unlocked that's what i'd really love to see added
  7. what quests do you plan on adding? i'll avoid doing those myself if i can
  8. i can't get any of the scripts to work, i pick a quest, it doesn't complete or start or do much of anything.
  9. use @Dentist this guys questing script it's how i start all my new accounts, get some quests done then run trials of premium scripts ~.~ get a little bit of everything lvl'd up
  10. Babysit it it'll get stuck sometimes, and it's much slower than doing yourself but at least you won't have to click very often.
  11. it works, it doesn't work well. I suggested (any1) to make a new one and was told to kill myself by a script writer
  12. it worked really well for me during alpha, i recommend using any script this guy makes
  13. hyped for biohazard release, what's the command for nature spirit? couldn't find it in the google doc
  14. trekr

    tribot 64 bit

    what's ur discord?
  15. trekr

    tribot 64 bit

    - more info- so I was having a black screen issue and thought deleting java might help and now I'm here currently when I click the tribot client nothing will appear, no error message, it doesn't load normally either! simply nothing happens
  16. trekr

    tribot 64 bit

    I can't find the download link for the 64 bit tribot client, I went to tribot.org/download.php but it won't work with my 64bit java jdk, I also can't find the java 32 bit link off of google i have this
  17. it failed to reach the end of the clue and kept the items it won't work out, rip thank u for ur hardwork bro
  18. gl man I recently hit 2.2k thanks to the runecrafting scripts that have come out recently, it can be done! Believe in the me that believes in you.
  19. I used a digsite pendant to get here, stuck won't click any of the options. Tried turning stuff off/on/deleting hooks.dat
  20. i'm using the kandarin headgear (3) as my helm the script doesn't take out a rope for lumby swamps I've already got the area roped though, I noticed on my 2nd clue trip to fenks castle that you're right! (partially) it no longer did the triangle prism, instead it was stuck on killing the experiment. I'll keep a close eye on it 3rd weird glitch, It often misses the click to teleport to the ardy monastery using the cloak (4) . It'll hit the button eventually but it's a big time loss - - so I moved the ardy cloak to my inventory and it's working much more efficiently now
  21. problem in pic is I don't need any items, it's stuck tho clue i.d = 12021 other problem with the fenkenstein clue, I've completed the quest so I don't need to collect the triangles for the tomb, players also can't attack the experiment after the quest is finished, easiest solution I can think of is have the script check if the quest is completed if yes, just go to the clue location, the tomb is already open, the door doesn't require a key. other medium clues seem to be working, I occasionally have to reset the client.
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