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  1. Updated the script to run significantly faster, should be able to complete the bar crawl in sub 15 minutes.
  2. I've updated this script and have released the source.
  3. SkrrtPicker Designed with simplicity in mind. Configure the location to walk to, and the item or ground item to pickup (needs to be the exact name of whatever is being clicked). Currently supports: Walking anywhere that is supported by Dax Walker Using Staminas at the bank between trips World hopping if no resource is found at the location (will only hop to the same type of world the script is started on) Args (settings:profile) Previously run settings are accessible via the profile named last Potentially planned (if there's demand): Teleport jewele
  4. Thanks Fal. I dare say that the plague house is likely an edge case. Either way, I appreciate the help!
  5. Great contribution, just one question - any particular reason you use varbits over game settings?
  6. Cheers Sito, I have some fixes to speed it up that I’ll aim to push in a day or so.
  7. Thanks for open sourcing this
  8. Wow! Huge contribution, I’ll definitely be reading up later today Thanks!
  9. SkrrtBarCrawler Introducing SkrrtBarCrawler. SkrrtBarCrawler completes the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl - a prerequisite for the Horror from the Deep and Scorpion Catcher quests. Completion also allows for smashing vials upon drinking the last dose, which is useful/convenient when you're trying to save inventory space while bossing. Simply start the script anywhere in OSRS with enough gp to purchase the required teleports and stamina potions and let the script do the rest. Happy drinking! Activation Link: SkrrtBarCrawler has gone Open Source
  10. Thanks Naton, is remoting debugging what we'd need to use if we wanted to test a script out line by line?
  11. Hi Fal, Were you able to fix this? Also, I've found dax walker will always run through the 3 doors for the first house in Plague City - pictured here: It's substantially faster and also less bot-like to walk around instead of opening 3 doors, is this something that can be investigated?
  12. Nice man, keen to check it out
  13. Yes, checking is possible. I could do remove the skill choices, I was just thinking more options would suit people who might have preferences for other scripts for their skill training. Update: Made some changes to ABC2 and seeded decision making regarding interface traversal and skilling. Will hopefully add mining training tomorrow.
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