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  1. Usually that happens when it doesn’t detect the configured gear. This may happen if you’re using degradable gear. Let me know how you get on
  2. You get a lot more than just LG with VIP-E
  3. It may be able to, I’m not certain though!
  4. This script is over 2 years old and the scripter hasn’t logged in since 2020
  5. Hi @tigerheart, have you checked advanced preferences? Something may be configured invalidating the task if that doesn’t work can you send me the bug report zip file Tools > Generate Bug Report (either send it while the script is running from inside of tribot or send it via DMs here or on discord)
  6. It will attempt to stay on your proxy, if your proxy loses connectivity the client will as well.
  7. 995 - you can turn on inventory debug in the client to see the IDs of items in your inventory
  8. Depends on what your aim is - are you trying to make gp or level accounts? If you're trying to make GP I don't think there's all that much value in running 2-3 hours a day.
  9. Breaks are a decisive topic and some people swear either way. Regardless, no one is likely to give you the stategy that works for them - I would suggest tria and erroring until you figure out what works for you
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