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  1. SkrrtBryophyta Introducing SkrrtBryophyta - the first Bryophyta killer on the market. Bryophyta is accessed through Mossy keys, Moss Giants drop mossy keys 1/150 or 1/60 when in the wildy. This can be sped up dramatically with a cannon, or if on a slayer task. This script makes it easy to roll each of these keys with a chance to turn it into the coveted bryophyta essence (~5.7m and 1/118 drop from Bryophyta). Features: Anti-PK 7 different locations to farm mossy keys (can be either randomised or forced)* Alternative ID support for all inventory items and eq
  2. Yes! Varbits, varcs and game settings are the changes that you need to track - the type depends on what you’re doing. runelite has a lot of relevant data on them on their GitHub.
  3. Not a big problem as getting the selected quick prayers works as expected so it's easy enough to work around this bug, but yeah I'm surprised it hasn't been flagged as it's broken in the api which means its probably been so for a while
  4. TRiBot Version: 12.1.23 Description of the bug (be specific): Prayer.selectQuickPrayers() is not working as expected. How to reproduce the bug: if(org.tribot.api2007.Prayer.selectQuickPrayers(org.tribot.api2007.Prayer.PRAYERS.PROTECT_FROM_MISSILES, org.tribot.api2007.Prayer.PRAYERS.INCREDIBLE_REFLEXES, org.tribot.api2007.Prayer.PRAYERS.ULTIMATE_STRENGTH)){ Waiting.waitNormal(600,90); } Based on what I can see, the interface has probably been updated at some point. Getting the name of selected quick prayers works as expected though. Active Script (if applicable):
  5. Sudoku and theeeen bank stander pro 9000
  6. Added some updates this weekend, including restocking, decanting potions, supporting barrows gear (excluding repairing) and many minor changes. 5/12: Another weekend of updates, added decanting jewellery, better combat potion handling, smart banking (won’t start a kill if there is not enough food or pots to kill Sarachnis), improved combat mechanics, added BGS support for defence reduction, added forcing item quantities for inventory setups, added a bunch more stuff to support the next batch of updates! Considering changing from closed to open beta real soon!
  7. I'm a fresher so I don't think it's very appropriate for me to vote - but I will say you are dedicated and a really positive contributer to the tribot community, you're always helpful and extremely friendly. I had a quick look at your code and it's not hard to tell that you care a lot about putting out quality content. Best of luck!
  8. SkrrtSarachnis Closed Beta - Send me an inbox here, or join my discord if you'd like to test Beta is now open Current Features: Restocking Sticking to safe square Optional prioritising of magic spider Several food options Restoring at Ferox Enclave Custom Slash Weapons (for cutting web) - defaults to knife Custom gear Several spec weapon options Prayer potion options Combat potion options Hopping if engaged (will crash if not) Args (save a profile name and then use this to skip the GUI) Looting Pretty paint
  9. Yeah I understand that, but it’s the same risk with having the ability for disabling graphics which I’m not sure is a big issue? I’d assume people would generally keep the paint on to monitor how the script is going
  10. Just a minor QoL improvement, some scripters have paints that take up a lot of the screen and having the ability to hide it without needing them to implement something would be pretty sweet.
  11. For reference my previous attempt- https://community.tribot.org/topic/83887-skrrtnickgigiwest123s-scripter-application/ Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) https://community.tribot.org/topic/83868-snippet-pretty-mouse-painting-using-the-new-sdk/ Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) n/a Open source scripts available to the public (Three scripts are required): [Source] (Link to thread) Thread: https://community.tribot.org/topic/84007-free-customisable-restocking-skrrtinteractor/ Source: https://github.com/SkrrtNick/SkrrtInteractor Thread: https://community.tribot.org
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