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  1. Wow, you’ve put in a lot of effort!
  2. This tutorial is for the old api, most of the documentation has been hidden, so you’re better off using the SDK and more recent tutorials.
  3. Hi, I'm not aware of this issue can you PM me with some more info; in the client you can click Tools > Generate Bug Report > Send to Scripter
  4. I hope he didn’t wait two years for that
  5. I believe you have the script now?
  6. You can select credit card/paypal/crypto from the list of payment options:
  7. SkrrtNick


    I think you forgot to post a repo link king
  8. Bans happen in waves - it is likely that in the lead up to primes jagex is getting tough on botting, so you might see a spike in comparison to normal in the next few weeks
  9. It is not completely broken, many people are still able to use scripts despite the black screen
  10. Cheers for the feedback. I’m not opposed to adding either of those features. I’ll let you know when there’s an update @rzzanb I've added the option to disable spec and also single chisel mode, unfortunately I cannot test so please let me know how you go
  11. Known issue atm - LG should still function however
  12. I'm not going to go into full detail of checking your code but a couple of things: All scripts being applied with must have been uploaded to the repository more than 30 days from applying This is one critical condition outlined in the requirements that is not met, I believe you've just posted the repo's for each of your scripts but have not uploaded them to the repo. The main idea behind this requirement is to get a few users using your script and to see how you go with supporting them, so might be an idea to setup threads for these scripts and getting them uploaded on the repo
  13. Happy to get you a refund, can you give me your order number please?
  14. Tribot is down after todays update
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