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  1. Bro, word of warning. You CAN and WILL get banned. Risking a 99 account is something you might want to reconsider
  2. pretty sure u can't get a refund for it not being as efficient as u would like
  3. I personally learnt by example. So i just did a 2-3 programs from the textbook for each chapter
  4. Making a collecting script is extremely easy. look at my plank collector code and use it as a guide
  5. Work 8 hours a day for less then minimum wage? Like I would maybe an hour a day but u got a real job and school
  6. Premium scripters charge around 50 dollars an hour.
  7. LolOLOL. A premium scripter charges 50 dollars an hour. 5 bucks? I doubt they would even open their IDE for that much money
  8. whats the average banrate these days on this script
  9. Make a staker, just like assume's but free
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