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  1. It isnt? Press the "Here is the code" button. lol.
  2. Will Update with better version when can grab off laptop.
  3. Bro, word of warning. You CAN and WILL get banned. Risking a 99 account is something you might want to reconsider
  4. pretty sure u can't get a refund for it not being as efficient as u would like
  5. You should be able to run a solid farm, but make sure u get socks proxies so u dont get ur ip chain banned. Just have 1 client with a bunch of tabs
  6. RSNPC[] npcs; npcs = NPCs.findNearest(putGeNpcIdHere); DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(npcs[0], "Enter option you want to do to the ge teller here");
  7. Real talk ill post my tut island script here as soon as the weekend comes, I want to clean it up myself before I send it, and then shoot you it and see what else can be fixed; then I'll make it open source so others can use it with their progressive scripts.
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